Windows AIO 7, 8.1 E 10 32 64 PT-BR Baixar Torrent

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Windows AIO 7, 8.1 E 10 32 64 PT-BR

(8QumAwgSmj) Para:

Instale usando .EXE em sua pasta. Tudo será ativado com a ajuda!

Se você não conseguir encontrar .EXE, parece que ele foi removido pelo seu antivírus ou Windows Defender.

Os antimicrobianos não gostam de rachaduras, portanto, evite-as ao fazer download instalar e, em seguida, reinstale.

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Super Windows AIO 7, E 10 PT-BR


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Super Windows AIO 7, E 10 PT-BR


É igual à voz do Windows 7. 10, criado por Raton, tenta ISO contm Windows Seven Todas as Aya

Todos no Windows como Linhas Windows 10 Maneiras como parágrafos 32 64 Bits Portugus Brasil

tudo isso em uma nica ISO de 14 Go, vem com um macarrão “Raton Ativadores” pra fazer sete, 10 pra valido

sistema torna-lo a natureza atualizando normal

Pesquisa ISO:

Windows 10 Professional x86

Página inicial do Windows 10 x86

Windows 10 Professional x86

Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LSTB x86

Windows 10 Education X86

Windows 10 Professional x64

Página inicial do Windows 10 x64

Windows 10 Professional x64

Windows 10 Professional 2015 LSTB x64

Windows 10 Education X64

Windows Pro x86

Windows Core x86

Windows x86 Enterprise

Windows Pro x64

Windows Core x64

Windows Enterprise x64

Windows 7 x86 Starter

Windows 7 Home x86 Core Edition

Pagamento para Windows 7 Home Premium x86

Windows 7 Professional x86

Windows 7 x86 Enterprise

Atualização do Windows 7 x86

Windows 7 x64 Starter

Windows 7 Home x64 Basic Edition

Pagamento para Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Windows 7 Professional x64

Windows 7 x64 Enterprise

Windows 7 Uktimate x64

Grava em um pen drive de até 16 GB



Ili seja todas kama aya em uma s

Meus compatriotas Brasileiros, que compartilhamos, assim como esses arquivos!

Resolução: 14 GB


Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR Office 2019 Janeiro 2021 Torrent

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Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR + Office 2019 Janeiro 2021


Tamanho: GB

Arquitetura: x64

Expressões idiomáticas: PT-PT

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy

forma: ISO / ESD

MD-5: 21326A71CB87AB14BC1872E490ECAF55

Sha: 90E953A3BFE3A5E28D413FF74CF272F2DB1A7185


Win10 Home + Office 2019

Win10 Pro + Office 2019

Win10 em um único idioma doméstico + Office 2019

Win10 Education + Office 2019

Win10 Pro Education + Office 2019

Estação de trabalho Win10 Pro + Office 2019

Win10 Enterprise + Office 2019


Activator for Windows and Office KMS Pico 9.0.4 download

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Activator for Windows and Office KMS Pico 9.0.4

Change log

– Fixed critical errors.

– Fixed logical errors.

– Unistaller attracts the driver.

– Simulator changed.

– Reported errors are fixed.

for more details, read the readme file inside

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Tux Paint torrent download

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Tux Paint

Tux Paint is a raster graphics editor designed for children aged 3 to 12. This multimedia application is used as a computer literacy in schools around the world. It has an easy-to-use interface with many drawing tools to help children get creative. For fun activities, there are also fun sound effects and comic penguin masks that encourage and guide children as they use them; Simplified Tux Paint drawings differ from traditional graphic design programs, such as GIMP or Photoshop, in their child-friendly design. The user interface is very intuitive, with icons, audio feedback, and text tips to help you explain how to use each of the suggested tools. As mentioned, he also uses sound effects and cartoon mascots to attract; (function () {(‘overview-application-page-desktop’);}); There are five sections in the program window. The canvas uses most of the interface, but the rest is beautifully displayed on the sides. The Toolbox contains various drawing tools and application controls. In the meantime, the selector provides a number of objects to choose from, such as brushes, fonts, and other sub-tools. There is also a color palette with appropriate color options and an information area that provides hints, tips, and; Like most popular graphics programs, this editor comes with basic drawing tools, including brushes, erasers, and tools for drawing lines and shapes. It also offers different levels of undo and redo, allowing users to delete unwanted and unwanted changes while editing; The application also has some special filters and effects. There is also a large collection of illustrations and photos that users can add to their photos. In addition to drawing tools, it also provides parental controls andteacher control to allow parents and teachers to turn off features and make application behavior more appropriate for their children; Some disadvantages to consider: Tux Paint is a free open source program. This allows you to download and install it on as many computers as you like. This program runs on most systems and does not require large hardware resources. This makes the app a suitable tool for schools. However, there are some precautions that must be taken before installing the program; First, the application is relatively slow and unstable. Sometimes this is self-sufficient, which can be annoying when your child is in the middle of a drawing project. In addition, this program does not have full-screen functions, so the area of ​​the canvas is somewhat limited. Some functions do not appear in the brush area until the tool is selected. Users need a little research to get them; Fun activities for children Reviewing Tux Paint is a good choice if you are looking for a drawing program for students. This program is very child-friendly, with a simple and colorful interface that will appeal to even the youngest user. In addition, it provides almost all the basic tools that children use when drawing computers. There are some stability issues and functional glitches, but overall this is the perfect drawing tool to make Paint a very popular drawing and sketching app that allows kids to take their first steps in computer art! The Tux Paint interface is very user-friendly. It is colorful and simple and attracts even the smallest child. To make it easier for them, this allows them to select images saved from thumbnails, and has auto-save and restore features, so no problem, even if they accidentally close the program. To make Tux Paint more child-friendly, configuration settings are displayed in completely separate and inaccessible placesthrough the image and you can make certain settings suitable for everyone, including the Tux Paint drawing interface, the language used and the sound effects. Tux paint is definitely great for a baby. It has many features – Tux Paint stamps, colors, designs and magic effects, and various features appear in the brush area only after selecting the tool, but after a little study, your child will discover that 100 new brands and compatibility with Windows 95/98 / ME returned changes More than 100 new stamps have been added and Windows 95/98 / ME compatibility has been returned