Windows 10 X64 Pro 20H2 MULTi-24 FEB 2021 {Gen2} Télécharger

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Windows 10 X64 Pro 20H2 MULTi-24 FEB 2021 {Gen2}

Windows 10 X64 Pro 20H2 MULTi-24 février 2021

Version phase 20H2

* Cette version contient un fichier svf ISO et 23 exécutables.

* Tous les fichiers exe sont crĂ©Ă©s Ă  partir des Ă©ditions MSDN d’origine.

* Hash toutes les polices ajoutées dans un format .txt séparé

* Cela se fait Ă  l’aide de SmartVersion, qu’il prend en charge

* diffĂ©rence entre deux fichiers (dont l’un est utilisĂ© comme source)

* puis créez un fichier svf basé sur cette différence.

* Téléchargez la source ISO et la langue préférée

* Si vous souhaitez l’utiliser, tĂ©lĂ©chargez simplement la source ISO.

* ExĂ©cutez le fichier exe Ă  partir du mĂȘme dossier que SOURCE ISO.

* RĂ©pĂšte l’ISO d’origine dans la langue sĂ©lectionnĂ©e.

Intégré / préinstallé:

* Forfait de service:

* Mise Ă  jour cumulative:

* KB4601382

* NET Framework

* Mise Ă  jour cumulative de

* NET Framework et:

* KB4601554

Installer / Terminer / Post-installation:

* Mises à jour du défenseur

* Windows 10 Professionnel – STD

* Windows 10 Professionnel – DLA

* STD = Installation standard: pour ceux qui ont leur propre clé de licence

* DLA = Activation de licence numérique (HWID)


* Brésil

* Croatie

* Danois









* Langue hongroise












* PrĂȘt pour UEFI

* Partagé pour le support UEFI (FAT32)

* (Utilisez l’outil USB Rufus inclus pour dĂ©marrer UEFI)

* Boßte à outils de diagnostic et de récupération (uniquement)

* Créez un démarrage USB Rufus (fortement recommandé),

* (inclus) ou enregistré sur DVD-DL à faible vitesse.

* Windows_Addict, l’auteur du script d’activation Windows

* J’espĂšre que vous apprĂ©cierez cette Ă©dition!

* Avec respect

* 2Úme génération


Windows 10 X64 20H2 Enterprise ESD en-US JAN 2021 {Gen2} Torrent

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Windows 10 X64 20H2 Enterprise ESD en-US JAN 2021 {Gen2}

Windows 10 X64 20H2 Enterprise ESD en-US JAN 2021

Release version 20H2

* Cover:

* Size: 4.68 GB

* Format: removable ISO

* CRC32: 1ddfac18

* MD5: 81156d6f9d366a77f94e3e2e2a5713bbe2

* SHA-1: 0f13352ff8946ca3c12c5600746be6d16a207a72

Integrated / pre-installed:

* Service stack update:

* KB4598481

* General update:

* KB4598242

* NET system

* Total update of

* NET system and:

* KB4586876

InstallComplete / Install Post:

* Defender updates


* Windows 10 Enterprise – STD

* Windows 10 Enterprise – DLA

* STD = Standard configuration: for those who have their license key

* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)

* Recognition and recovery tool (only)

* pressed for recovery format ()

– Image host is not working –

* Create a bootable USB stick (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (included) or record to DVD-DL at low speed.

* Windows_Addict, author of the Windows activation document

* Hope you enjoy this version!


* Generation2

* Windows 10 Pro VL X64 OEM ESD MULTi-7 MAY 2020

* Edition 1909 Build

* Cover:

* Size: 4.27 GB

* Format: removable ISO

* CRC32: 0c039576

* MD5: da54aec54a1ca4a7ee0bf7e411616d1d

* SHA-1: 4b15111b73d236d807a4035494c7a90f405cde7d


Integrated / pre-installed:

* Service stack update:

* KB4552152

* General update:

* KB4556799

NET system

* Total update of

NET system and:

* KB4552931

* Flash Player security update:

* KB4537759

InstallComplete / Install Post:

* Defender updates








* Windows 10 Professional – STD

* Windows 10 Professional – DLA

* Windows 10 Professional – OEM

* STD = Standard configuration: for those who have their license key

* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)

* OEM: will be activated automatically if installed

* Similar version in natural materials

* Ready for UEFI

* (Use the built-in Rufus USB tool to create UEFI boot)

* Recognition and update tool (Microsoft DaRT)

* pressed for recovery format ()

* Create a bootable USB stick (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (included) or record to DVD-DL at low speed.

* WindowsAddict, author of the Windows activation document

* Hope you enjoy this version!


* Generation2


DirectX 64bit installer download torrent

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MicrosoftDirectX Free Multimedia APIs are a free collection of APIs (software applications) for software images and sounds. This allows developers, especially game developers, to easily create fully integrated games that run on Windows. Most users don’t even realize that DirectX works; it only runs when necessary, without prompting you. Interacting with it is more complicated and requires software tools to control the sound and video cards. DirectX is a technical tool that helps game developers interact with sound and video cards. Although it can be installed on any computer, most users do not need it. It runs when you play a game from DirectX and that’s it. You just have to be more discriminatory with the help you give other people. It has one of the fastest processes on this device. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Why is DirectX used? DirectX is a set of Windows interactions. API DirectX developer software, which enables your applications, often games, to precisely interact with sound and video cards. On the other hand, video and sound card manufacturers are familiar with DirectX, so they know what to do when DirectX-developed software does its job. Yes! Do you already have DirectX? Since DirectX does not have an interface like other programs (for example, it does not appear in your list of programs), you need more technical control if it is already installed on your computer. Follow these steps to verify: Click Start then click Run Run dxdiag and then click OK on the System tab, check the version of DirectX listed on the DirectX version line. On the different tabs, view the version information for each DirectX file. When you have finished verifying file versions, click Finish DirectX Installation. If you find that DirectX is not installed on your computer (or if the version is very old), you should download DirectX. again to be able to use it. Downloading is easy and as expected download and use .exe as usual. Installation is slow, which you can ignore a bit, and look, the app tries to install Bing during installation. Yes! How do I open the DirectX control panel? Since DirectX is not a standard application, you cannot open it normally. Instead, press the Start button and type dxdiag in the box. Your computer will ask if you want to use DirectX. The window that opens is a traditional-looking Windows interface. All data provided is for information only: lots of information about your system, display settings, rendering services and drivers, audio information, and current input devices. It does not interfere with this information: there is an error window and if you program and make a mistake, an error is displayed here. Go back and fix it, and the error goes away. Who Needs DirectX? There are two situations in which you may need DirectX. If you play games on your computer that require DirectX to work. You may already have it. If you are planning objects that require access to sound and video cards, you may also need DirectX. Worth notingthat DirectX is not the only tool of its kind. There are other APIs that interact with photo cards, and many are more sophisticated. You can compare this to legitimate software like Runtime, That said, whether you are playing or creating certain games or on some (perhaps older) machines, you may need a tech tool that doesn’t require consistent technology that has been around for several years. and may it still be powerful. The graphics and sound technology works very well (that’s why it is still useful even if it is very old), and the interface is very useful, even if it is very old. However, most of us will never see it; If you are not an app, you don’t even need to open it as it will run without you noticing. DirectX is not the kind of software you want or don’t want. If you need it, you need to install it and it is a good and painless experience. Recent changes The latest version of DirectX improves compatibility with Windows 10 and adds support for Variable Frequency Shading (VRS). Other new versions have added support for DirectX Raytracing, comprehensive edge monitoring, and planned MSAA.


Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit) Download Torrent

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Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit)

It’s a smaller version of Windows 10 based on build 1511-1056 (November or TH2 update). As expected, the basic requirements of the system will remain the same, although this custom version of Windows should run faster than the original, due to the changes listed below

This is another version, which supports 32-bit processors. My profile also has the first version, which is 64-bit.


Hardware requirements

Processor: 1 GHz (GHz) or faster NX / PAE processor

SSE2 (if Windows 8 works, this will work too)

RAM: 1GB for 64-bit (technically only 512MB needed)

Hard disk space: 20 GB

Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later

Changes and information (main):

-Most of most Metro apps except Edge, Store and Calculator

Remove the least important drivers (such as graphics, printers, network)

It must be downloaded and installed manually according to each computer’s configuration

-Make several accessibility items

– Extracted speech and support for Cortana

-Delete search (Explorer search bar still works)

-Increase Windows Media Player

-View Windows Photo Viewer to replace “Photos” in the subway, even if the image opens in Paint first, until the user switches to the default application in Windows Photo Viewer.

Disabled hibernation

– Blocked page file

– Removable firewall (although it may appear in some cases when using the program, and service has not been deleted because it is important)

-Windows Update is not deleted, but there is no guarantee that it works, because I always turned it off (I still have to authorize it, so applications can be installed in the store)

– Trade applications must run consecutively

– Trading games no longer work (I don’t know why). Non-UWP games (such as CS: GO) should continue to work as your driver is updated